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Extraction bag System

Extra strong extraction bags

For home-made extracts from your favorite aromatic plants... 20 liter bags (5 gallons) and 4 sizes: 230, 120, 75 and 25 micron. Suitable for up to 400g row material to product 40g of extracts.

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Herb & Pollen Press

As a complement to your Bubble Ice Bags: The Press

The press makes a very compact disk of your favorite extracts. Very practical if you want to carry your favorite home made extracts. Made out of aluminum, it is a very light, pocket compact tool. Sizes: height 128 mm / diameter 36 mm. Weight: 334 g. For a pressure of 2,500 kg!

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Save money with your Combo: extraction and compression kit!

How to use




These extraction bags are very good quality mesh bags to make your home-made bubble hash from your favorite aromatic plants....

The bags are very tough, well sewn with high quality mesh screens. That's why we offer a ONE YEAR WARRANTY on them. We are that sure of the quality of our Hash Bags!

Discreet delivery Worldwide: first kit €15, then €10 / kit. (Sent as a letter: no custom fee) Laughing

Instructions - how to make bubble hash with your HashBags:

Before you start, assemble the necessary equipment! You need your hash bags, a suitable sized bucket, mixing tools, dried plant material, and plenty of ice and water. And you're ready to go with your bubble hash!

Everything required for making bubble hash!


Making bubble hash - Step 1

1. The first step is to place the hash bags inside the bucket, the first to go in is the 25 micron bag (colour purple). Make sure you line the inside of the bucket properly with the Hash bag, and smooth out the mesh screen at the bottom of the bucket.

Making bubble hash - 3 bubble bags

Keep on with the rest of the Hash bags in numerical order of their size. The next Hash Bag to go in is the 75 micron (yellow) one, and then after that place the 110 micron (blue) Hash Bag in the bucket.

Making bubble hash - 4 bubble bags

Place the 230 micron work bag (orange) in the bucket last of all, so that all the Hash bags are now inside the bucket, nested inside each other...

Bubble bag hash - just add water!

2. Now you need to pour cold water into the Hash Bags in the bucket, until it's about half full. You don't have to use a flower vase like in our picture, any way you get the water in the Hash Bags is fine!

Bubble bag hash - the RIGHT amount of water!

You want the plant material to float above the screens of the Hash Bags, so ensure that the water is high enough to cover the screen on the bottom of the upper HashBag. We put a little marker in our bag to show you!

Bubble bag hash - the RIGHT material

3. Then take your plant material and pour it into the bucket containing the Hash Bags. Dried plant material will usually give you the best results. Regarding quantity, you can use up to 400g of dried plant material or leaves in our Hash Bags.

Bubble bag hash with LOTS of ice

4.Now it's time to put ice in the bucket, filling it almost all the way up. You should have enough pieces of ice in the water so that it never all melts, this way the ice keeps the temperature of the mixture lower, and is a very important part of the process.

Stirring the mixture in the Hash bags

5. Then use something to stir the mixture in the bucket, for at least 15 but up to 20-25 minutes. The way to tell when you have mixed everything up long enough is that a foamy or frothy head will form on the top of the mixture. You can use an implement on the end of an electric drill as in this picture . . .

Electric mixer stirring bubble Hash bags

Or even an electric hand mixer from your kitchen! As mentioned above it's vital to keep actual pieces of ice in the mixture at all times, because the ice ensures that the water stays cool enough to cause the resinous glands (trichomes) to separate from the plant material, and then collect on the Hash Bag screens.

Remove the bubble Hash Bags one at a time

6.After you have mixed the ice and plant material enough to get a frothy head, then let the mixture settle for 20 minutes to half an hour. Once the mixture has had enough time to settle, take the bags out of the bucket one by one. This is done in reverse order to putting them in, so the first to be pulled is the 230 micron screen Hash bag.

Drain water from Hash Bags into bucket

When you pull out the hash bags, you let the water drain through the filtration screen at the bottom of the bag, back into the rest of the bags that are lining the bucket. The 230 micron Hash bag contains the plant matter, you can run this through your Hash bags a second time to make sure you collect all the resins.

Continue pulling out the bubble Hash Bags

The next Hash bag to be pulled is the 120 micron bag, followed by the 75 micron screen bag. These bags will have resinous extracts or bubble hash, in different degrees of purity.

A twist to drain the Hash bags

The last Hash bag to remove is the 25 micron screen bag. As you get to the smaller screens, the water is harder to drain from the bags - to help this process, when you lift each bag out of the bucket twist the top shut, and at the same time pull down towards the bottom of the bag.

Does your Hash Bag extract look like this?

7.Once you have drained each Hash Bag of water, then turn the bag inside out and place it over a bowl in order to collect the deposits from the mesh screen at the bottom of the bag. There are many tools you can use for this, it's important that it should have a clean edge, such as a metal spoon or credit card, etc. There are 3 grades of extracts to collect. Of these the "purest" grades will come be in the 75 and 25 micron screen Hash Bags, but usually the resin extracted from the 120 micron bag can also be used!

The finest Hash Bag extract! Bubble Hash!

8.After you have collected the herbal extract or resins from the screens in the Hash Bags, you have to remove any excess moisture from it. Take a tea towel and put some absorbent paper or a piece of blotter on it. Scoop the 3 extracts onto one half of the paper or blotter, and make sure to keep the three grades separate. Then fold the blotter in half, and fold the tea towel over the blotter, and press lightly down on the towel with a bottle or rolling pin. This will squeeze any remaining water out of your extracts, which will be absorbed by the towel. From this process you will get patties of herbal extract which can be used immediately if you want! If you decide you want to store your extracts for a long period of time, then cut or chop up each patty on a clean piece of cardboard, and put this in your freezer for half a day or a day. Any remaining moisture is drawn out by the cardboard, which takes away any danger of mold forming while you store your extracts.



The easy way for you to compact or compress your hash or other plant extracts... use our handy and convenient Hash Presser.

Hash Presser is an essential companion to our sister product, the Hash Bag. Use the Hash Presser to compact extracts from these great bubble hash bags.

The Hash Presser is precision machined from top quality metal, and built to last, so accordingly we offer a ONE YEAR WARRANTY on them. The Hash Presser produces pressure up to 2500kg, and can be used to compress resin, bud or leaf matter, herbs, powders and extracts into ultra-compact patties.

Discreet delivery Worldwide: first unit €15, then €10 / unit. (Sent as a letter: no custom fee)

Instructions - how to produce compact cakes or patties with your Hash Presser:

Using the Hash Presser couldn't be simpler - just get together whatever you want to compact, be it pollen, powder, herbs, spices, dried or moist plant material, leaf or bud, resin or hash, and the Hash Presser unit itself. For our demonstration we are going to use rose stems and flowers, just to show you how it works.

The Pocket Hash Presser!

Hash Presser

1.Crush or crumble up your plant material with your fingers, then get it ready to pour into the barrel of the Hash Presser. We're using a folded piece of paper for this, you can use a funnel or any other method you choose.

Hash Presser

2. Now turn the Hash Presser upside down, remove the bottom screw-cap and pour in the plant material, leaf, bud, resin or whatever it is YOU want to compress into a wonderful little cake. Be careful not to spill any!

Hash Presser

3. Once you have poured in all the material or the body of the Hash Presser is full, then screw the bottom cap back on tight. Now you're ready to use your Hash Presser for the compression process and make those compact little patties.

Hash Presser

4. Take the Hash Presser firmly in your hands, and start to tighten the device. Hold the stem of the Hash Presser and rotate the handle attached to the thread device, forcing the plant material down against the bottom cap.

Hash Presser

5. When you get to the point where you can't turn any more, the Hash Presser should look like this. Note most of the thread of the turning mechanism has disappeared into the body of the Hash Press itself.

Hash Presser

6. To assist the compaction process, you can try heating the Hash Presser. We placed it on an oil heater, a hair-drier will do the trick, or you can choose any other methods you prefer of gently heating the body of the Hash Press.

Hash Presser

7. After heating feel free to give the Hash Presser a few more turns, increasing the force and in turn how compact your "cake" will be. Now unscrew the bottom cap from Hash Presser in order to remove your compressed extract.

Hash Presser

8. Next step is to eject the pattie from the Hash Presser. Usually this won't just pop right out, so simply keep turning the handle of the Hash Presser all the way down to the bottom of the thread, and this will eject the compressed substance.

Hash Presser

9. Voila! The product of your labour, a nicely compacted rose. Here's the top view of the flower itself, nicely crushed down into a compact round cake or pattie. Good work Hash Presser!

Hash Presser

10. Don't forget to clean out your Hash Presser each time after use. Keeping the barrel clean immediately after use makes sure that you will have a smooth surface to compact your favourite substances with next time.