Marijuana and its effects on fetal growth


Marijuana has its negative impact in society and is often considered illegal by many authorities of various countries. The consumption of marijuana is seen amongst all types of people in various regions, including different levels of ages, etc. Both genders equally consume marijuana. In the year 1939, it was recorded that marijuana consumption amongst females was as fatal as the direct inhalation of dangerous gases and chemicals. That was the year when America had seen a lot of changes in women’s culture and tradition. Women are fragile in nature and are prone to such things. However, this theory is not approvable but at some level, it is appropriate.

Women, especially teenagers consume a lot of marijuana during adolescence. The effects of marijuana’s consumption, however, differ from gender to gender. When a female consumes, it gives greater impact than when a man consumes. The reason? Well, when a female consumes or inhales marijuana in any way, the essence directly goes and stays deep inside her every part of the body.

According to scientific research, the pregnant females are very vulnerable and the effects of marijuana are very harmful to them, as well as the prenatal child. Post delivery, there are chances that the child may get various types of diseases, including psychosexual disorders, psychotic disorders, and other related congenital anomalies.


Effects on fetus:

It is seen that many people have sex sooner or later after the consumption of marijuana. According to reports, it is estimated that the females who have sex under the influence of marijuana are prone to various diseases and it may affect the fetus (if the intercourse happens without any protection). When the fluids reach inside the woman, it is effected by various insects and unknown viruses. Hence, this leads to fetus disorders and affect the child which is being developed inside the womb. When a woman is pregnant, if she consumes marijuana in any way, then the child also gets the influence in some or the other way. Unless you smoke in excess of three grams of marijuana a day, everyday you are pregnant, it is very unlikely that you will damage your unborn baby. This is not to say that you should use any drug or medication while pregnant. You will not do any good to your baby if you use marijuana while pregnant.

Fetus development, thus, takes some unknown turn and results in various harmful disorders. The mother does not realize what she is doing to the child. Just for some mere pleasure, she is ruining her child’s life. Scientific records recently have revealed that there are numerous cases where a child is born with many defects, which is popularly known as congenital anomaly. So the learning says don’t consume any drug like hashish while you are pregnant.