So Just How Many Kinds Of Cannabis Are there?


O.K., so how many names can you think of for cannabis in ten seconds. Actually, there are so many that you probably can’t count them all in ten seconds. Here are some of the names, just for those who don’t know. There is weed, The Flying Dutchman, Skunk, , aromatic sensamilla, ice, belladonna, Mazar, super Skunk, Ultra, Euphoria, Leshaze, Big Kahuna, and the list goes on.

Whatever you call it, cannabis is the most exported drug in the world, in whatever form it’s in. Skunk is an Afghani mixture that is mixed with graft and other kinds of hallucinogenic plants that give it a real kick with an attitude that produces a distinct odour that has a euphoric effect that is long lasting and gives extra energy.

These are the more exotic ones, for the beginner, it is recommended that you try aromatic sinsamilla, for it mildness. Cannabis isn’t for everyone, as I found out. I didn’t know why I was feeling so bad for about a week after, until a medical student told me that some people have an allergic reaction to it. So, if you are in the experimental mood, and want to try something with marijauna, make sure that you try something mild first, just so you will know how you will react.
As mentioned earlier, Skunk is an Afghani strain of cannabis, and produces a euphoric state that is accompanied with a lot of energy. From the Skunk variety of plant is also derived Ice, Belladonna, Mazar, Super Skunk, Leshaze, Big Kahuna, and also the female Skunk #11, (don’t worry about the names there won’t be quiz after).

This plant that produces Skunk is genetically heat resistant, and it comes from a 50% Mexican, and a 25%Colombian stock. From whatever the origin of the plant, it derives the names The Pure, Flying Dutchman, and so on.

The actual plant itself is called cannabis sativa, and from it the marijuana seeds come from the family White, which is native to Brazil and Southern India. This is the type of weed that is the most famous and it has been recognized as the one plant that is used for therapeutic reasons, in fact, there are several prizes that it has won in the past few years, (I’ll bet you didn’t know they gave out prizes for that kind of thing did you)?

As I mentioned earlier, there are so many kind of cannabis out there, and there are new strains being developed all the time, in fact, entirely different families of cannabis are created by those who are as dedicated as a botanist trying to create a new kind of rose, for instance, with the White family I mentioned earlier, there are White Widow, The Great white Shark, White Rhino, and El Nino, and, after graft, they are called names like White Russia, Monolith, White Widow Nirvana. So, how many types of cannabis can you name in ten seconds?