What is Hash Oil?


Hashish oil, more commonly called hash oil, is a thick liquid made from dissolving hashish or marijuana in solvents like acetone, alcohol, butane, or petroleum ether.


The resulting liquid is then separated from any plant matter and the solvent is allowed to evaporate. The substance that remains is a concentrated form of cannabis known as hash oil.


The first recorded hashish oil was produced using alcohol as the solvent. In the early 1840's, Peter Squire (a chemist in London, England) extracted 12 ounces of hash oil from 64 ounces (4 pounds) of marijuana.


Hash oil is commonly sold in 1 gram to 5 gram vials made of glass or plastic. Color can range from dark brown to white. The more refined it is, the lighter the color and the higher the potency.


White oil, the most potent and refined type of hashish oil is rarely if ever available. Honey oil, the second most potent and refined form of hash oil is popular because it is fairly easy to make.


Less potent forms of hash oil are green oil, red oil, brown oil, etc. Honey oil looks (and feels) similar to honey, that is where the name comes from.

Hash oil is very thick, and sticks to everything. It ruins clothes. The only thing that will take it off your skin or counter tops is denatured alcohol or a similar solvent.

The stone from high quality hash oil is a very strong and relaxing mind/body experience. It can be almost paralyzing for someone used to smoking marijuana only.

THC Content of Hash Oil

THC is the primary chemical that produces intoxication when a person uses hash oil, hashish, or marijuana. The THC content of good to excellent hash oil varies from 30% to 80% THC.

The THC content of good to excellent hashish varies from 20% to 60% THC. The THC content of good commercial grade marijuana available to most users has a THC content of about 5% to 15%. The maximum THC content of premium grade marijuana is about 35%.

How Is Hash Oil Used

The most common method of smoking hash oil is to use the clear plastic tube that is the body of a big disposable pen. Pull out the end cap, pull out the ink tube, and you have a clear plastic tube.

Then, use something that won't burn or melt, like a pin, straight part of a paper clip, jewelers screw driver, or something similar to dip in the oil. What you want to do is just get a little dab of oil on the bottom 1/8 inch (or less) of whatever it is that you are using.

Heat the oil on the pin or whatever you used by holding it over the burning part of a lit cigarette, without letting them touch. In a few seconds the oil will drop onto the burning cigarette and burn. Hold the end of the tube above the cigarette and suck in the smoke.

After a few tries you will be able to determine how much oil to use without letting any go to waste and how far to keep the plastic tube from the cigarette so it doesn't melt.

For a nicer piece of equipment, take an old tablespoon. Bend the handle so that the handle bends away from the bowl, and then back so that it is pointing up away from the bowl.

Attach the same pen tube to the handle, with some tape, so that the tube points down into the bowl of the spoon. Smear oil into bowl of spoon, and heat spoon from bottom with a candle or something. (This only takes two hands.)

Another technique, if you roll your own cigarettes, is to smear a streak of oil on a cigarette paper, and then roll a cigarette with this paper. Better still, roll it with some marijuana.

Vapor method: Put an old knife on a stove burner (use an electric stove; use a gas job at your own risk). Let it get nice and hot (red hot isn't too hot, but of course you don't want to deform the knife). Get a paper towel tube or similar-size tube and gather everyone around close.

Use an instrument like the one discussed above, to get a little dab of oil, stand ready with the tube, press the instrument (screwdriver, etc) against the hot blade and suck.

Don't take too much; it's got incredible expand properties. The stuff will smoke uncontrollably till it's gone, so make sure everyone gets in their suck without letting too much go to waste (it's good if everyone has their own tube).

Another good way to smoke it is to put a drop of hash oil on top of a bowl of marijuana loaded in a pipe. However you do it, take small hits. The stuff is lethal on your lungs.

To get the most bang for your buck, put about 10 grams in a 13x7 inch brownie pan with your favorite brownie recipe. Be sure to mix the oil in well. Cut into 1.25 inch squares. If you do it like this, you will get about 50 squares. If you pay $500 for 10 grams of oil, the cost of a square will be $10.

Eat one and have a wonderful night (sex is highly recommended). Eat two or three and become part of your favorite couch for 5 hours or so. Eat 6 or more and find out what heroin is like without having to mess with needles.